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Paul [California, USA]
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Have KoolSink® will travel protection for your laptop


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By turning the KoolSink® upside down, some customers have found that their laptop fits perfectly* into the KoolSink's metal return, providing added protection when taking their laptop on the road. 

NOTE: Case & Computer not included
* Not currently possible with an iBook

At last, an answer to your laptop heating concerns, KoolSink. Attractive high quality Stainless Steel stand is a must for notebook users and is modestly priced at an affordable $19.95. KoolSink provides a comfortable tilt for typing while at the same time cooling your notebook computer by use of natural convection air movement combined with the heat-sink property of the steel. The metal, in close proximity to the hot-spots, helps keep your computer cool in the simplest, most efficient manner, while providing added benefits at no extra cost. Creating ergonomically comfortable typing angles with the keyboard in an incline reduces shoulder and back strain while raising the screen height closer to eye level reduces neck strain. No-slip rubber feet grip the desktop and the laptop feet anchors your notebook computer to your stand for extra stability. The often noisy cooling fan turns on to cool the computer but with the KoolSink under the laptop the fan kicks in less often. Your notebook runs cooler thanks to convection and contact with the stainless steel surface which cools the hot-spots by conduction. Heat reduction in your notebook translates into extended life expectancy. The KoolSink is a more elegant solution than many of its competing products. The LapTopDesk, made of Polycarbonate plastic, and the LapWorks appear to be a very similar design. While it's not clear which is the original, they are not very elegant solutions and neither they nor the LapBottom, which is made of carbon fibre, provide any tilt to improve ergonomics. The Spartacamus PowerBook stand is made of coated steel and tilts up the laptop so the screen is at eye level. This, however, requires one to purchase an extra, external keyboard. The Kamas PowerBook Stand, though providing level viewing of a Laptop computer's screen (as their platform is adjustable to any angle and has a space for storing the keyboard beneath), the Laptop computer, still requires an extra, external keyboard. The Kamas PowerBook Stand also only lets air circulates more freely under the laptop rather than stealing heat away as the KoolSink does. Also, the Kamas PowerBook Stand design, compared to the simple, KoolSink form, is such that it would be very clumsy to transport and the price, US$99, makes it uncompetitive. In an attempt to solve the problem of the underside of PowerBook G4's and iBooks becoming so warm that they are uncomfortable to place on your lap, the "Minus 4 deg C" cooling support has a finned aluminum support which lifts the rear of these Macintosh laptops by 5/8" to aid in cooling and to provide a better typing angle. However, unlike the KoolSink, it attaches permanently making the laptop less convenient to pack. The InterCooler is an electronic cooling stand made from brushed aluminum with an electric fan to dissipate heat. It is powered by the USB port with an on/off switch. While it also raises the rear of the PowerBook for more comfortable typing and is light and portable for travel, the fact that it houses an electric fan makes it liable to mechanical failure. And adding a fan defeats the whole purpose of all these devices which is to reduce the use of the laptop's fan. The Podium CoolPad and the smaller 'Traveler' Coolpad both pivot 360 degrees however their appearance is not attractive and they were actually described by CNN as looking like a child's Lego set. Neither the Coolpad nor the ErgoKomfort / ErgoComfort have any heat conduction properties, being constructed of plastic and acrylic respectively. The later material is highly susceptible to damage and once again the KoolSink's stainless steel provides a much superior and robust solution. The following two products exhibit inherent failings: The Japanese made (and 'Japlish' named) Pawasapo is a complex piece of engineering to form a stainless steel lap-top computer stand. The cost alone makes it uncompetitive it is also far from portable. And finally, the LapStand is an extremely light tubular support for a lap-top but is unlikely to provide the robust, firm base needed for serious typing which the KoolSink offers. The last group of solutions include products like Rain and Waterfall which are not stands at all but rather soft-ware 'cooling' programs which claim to decrease the CPU temperature by up to 30C while at the same time optimizing the CPU for a faster performance, and even to sound an alarm if the temperature becomes too high. So far there are no programs for the Macintosh platform and this solution does nothing to improve ergonomic positioning of the laptop. In conclusion, the KoolSink is clearly the most affordable, elegant, portable, robust, and efficient laptop cooling and tilting stand available today.




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